2006 Gilhooly Award Winners

Gerry Bade and Patricia Harrington Bade

This years winners, Pat Harrington Bade and Gerry Bade, have offered their time and talents to hundreds of people interested in pursuing Irish Social Dancing as a lifestyle activity. As a couple, they have done much for the adult side of local Irish culture and specifically, Irish Social Dancing. Marvelous dancers themselves, Pat and Gerry have 'passed on' their passion for dancing to our community through their teaching of traditional céilí and set dances.

The Bades have run instructional sessions for years in their home as well and other locations for various levels of dancers. Most people who do céilí or set dancing from the Quad Cities have passed through their lessons and workshops at least once. They have also been instrumental in bringing nationally and internationally known dance master teachers to this area and then provided the hospitality for them to keep costs low.

By being instrumental in establishing and maintaining the Quad Cities Céilí Club Pat and Gerry have allowed community members who love to dance the opportunity to experience the joy and challenge of traditional dancing. May their work continue for years to come.