Cultural Committee Activities

Bernard Gilhooly was instrumental in establishing a cultural component to the St. Patrick Society's activities.  He conceived the idea of an Irish Heritage Day, to be held on the Sunday after The Grand Parade, so that we might pass on our culture and heritage to future generations. In his words: 

"To provide an opportunity for all who support Irish culture to experience Irish music, dance and song.  To enjoy good fellowship, and expand our knowledge and appreciation of the Irish culture, as we pass it on to those who bury us."  
November 6, 1995.

Irish Heritage Day continued until 2008 and was, thereafter, combined with the QUAD CITIES IRISH FESTIVAL held in

Bernard Gilhooly Award

A primary function of the Cultural Committee was to select recipients of the  Bernard Gilhooly Award.  It is awarded to someone who emulates the undying persistence of the Irish people by “passing on” Irish culture in the Quad Cities and its outlying areas. 

There have been no awards given since 2009.        

See past recipients.

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